Divine Renovation

Divine Renovation – Bringing your parish from maintenance to mission – is a book by Father JamesMallon.


The ideas presented in Divine Renovation are guiding change in our parish. Over 20 parishioners participated in book discussion groups held in the Parish in 2018; many more have read the book on their own.

Request for feedback

We are gathering feedback that will help form vision and mission priorities in our parish. Please take time to complete a Divine Renovation Book Discussion Feedback Form, and return it to the Parish Office. The Divine Renovation Team will collate the feedback and discuss what steps we can take as a parish community to begin to allow the ideas to grow into a plan and process for the parish. These outcomes will be shared with the parish community in the coming months.

To download the Divine Renovation Feedback Form, click on either link below. The PDF version can be filled in by hand, the Word version can be edited on computer and the completed form emailed to the team. Instructions for both methods of feedback are given in the forms themselves.

Link to Divine Renovation Ten Values Analysis Form – PDF Version

Link to Divine Renovation Book Ten Values Analysis Form – Word Version

Divine Renovation YouTube Videos

We would love for everyone in our parish to be exposed to, and hopefuly energised by the concepts in this book. If you have not had a chance to read the book, here are a series of five 15 minute videos that explain the main concepts. To view them, click on the links below.

Divine Renovation: An interview with Fr James Mallon: Part 1

Divine Renovation: An interview with Fr James Mallon: part 2

Divine Renovation: An interview with Fr James Mallon: part 3