Finance at All Saints

Who is responsible for what?

Our Parish priest, Father Mark Skelton, is responsible to Bishop Mark O’Toole for the stewardship of the parish’s assets and funds.

Joanna Bowery, Parish Secretary, carries out a wide range of parish operating duties and the care of finance is a major part of her role.

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and the Parish Finance Committee meet regularly to discuss relevant parish matters. And Father Mark can ask them for their views and advice. This can be on day-to-day issues or longer-term strategy.

If you could offer your expertise and are interested in joining the Parish Finance Committee, contact the Parish Office.


Most of the parish income is through regular giving by parishioners; either at Mass or via direct bank payments. We also receive some rental and investment income and, occasionally, benefit from legacies.


The costs are the regular running costs you would expect, plus quite substantial property maintenance costs: we have three churches and presbyteries, some of which are listed, along with a hall and car park in Dawlish.

Every year, we produce a set of accounts. These are presented at the AGM.


Our costs have been exceeding our income for some years. We have had various fundraising appeals, but these have not overcome the fundamental issue. This will be a major challenge for the parish in the coming years.