There is an old Mexican tradition called ‘Posada’.

A young man and a young woman from the Parish are selected to dress up as Mary and Joseph and then spend the days of Advent travelling from house to house asking for a room for the night and telling their hosts about the imminent arrival of Jesus at Christmas.

Modern day ‘Posada’ uses a statue of Mary and Joseph and the donkey instead of a young couple to travel from home to home.

This Advent, parishioners from all three churches in the All Saints Parish will have the opportunity to sign up to host our Posada statue for one evening in the days leading up to Christmas.

As the statue makes its way around the Parish, with one host family taking it to the next, there is the chance to pray together, perhaps share a cup of tea and a cake or even a simple meal, and thing about what we’re looking forward to at Christmas.

So look out for the Posada rota and sign up to be a host. You’ll be given a pack with suggested prayers and scripture readings for the ‘hand-over’.

It is up to you how you offer hospitality and then you just give the statue pride of place in your home for a night.

To be real evangelists, why not invite round some neighbours or those non-church-going members of your family?