The existing pipe organ in the church is many years old now and in need of repair and restoration. At the last inspection it was discovered that the sound keyboards have been badly affected by extremes of temperature and damp over many years, and more importantly, the ranks of pipes incorporated in the instrument are starting to collapse and disintegrate through age and environment effects.

To be restored the organ has to be significantly dismantled. This is an opportune time to reposition it to the East side of the organ loft, which will free access to the rose window for any repairs needed to it in the future. It will open up the church to the beautiful coloured light from the window and being South facing it should greatly enhance the light flowing into the nave.

This obviously is quite a costly process, but thanks to a legacy donated by a parishioner, for which we are very grateful, the amount we now need to raise is £5000.

If you would like to donate in some way you could sponsor a pipe – depending on size, suggested amounts could be £10, £25 or £100. We have also been given a collection box in the form of an organ for casual donations, which will be positioned at the back of church.

If you would like to boost your donation via Gift Aid, please use one of the blue one-off envelopes sitting by the collection box and mark the envelope ‘Organ Appeal’. Any gift aided amount, large or small, would be gratefully received. These envelopes can be completed by those who are already registered with the Parish under the Gift Aid scheme or by those who wish to give an occasional gift.

We thank you, as always, for your continued generosity.

Please note: if for some reason, the appeal project cannot be completed or if a surplus arises, the remaining appeal funds will be used for the general charitable purposes of the Parish.


Parishioner, Julia Crimmins is taking part in the Banger Rally Challenge, together with two friends and a Nissan Micra called ‘Maud’, to raise awareness and money for the Refugee Council.#

The Refugee Council works to help vulnerable refugees to rebuild shattered lives. It offers advice on housing, employment, education as well as therapy.  It also safeguards and improves the lives of separated children seeking asylum in the UK.

Julia and her friends will spend five days travelling from St Austell to Morocco via the Plymouth—Santander sea crossing, Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar. And then they have to make their own way back home again!


In Gibraltar and Morocco Julia will witness the desperate plight of refugees and feel privileged to have the freedom to travel – but also return home. Julia and the team would be very grateful for any donations you can make to help speed the crew on their way.

Visit their JustGiving page