The theme for this year’s week of prayer for Christian Unity is ‘Unusual Kindness’ where we are invited to see God working through people and places which offer unusual kindness.

The resources for this year have been put together by churches in Malta and Gozo and cover a variety of topics, including hospitality. The resources are based around the record in Acts of Paul’s shipwreck on Malta and the coming of the Gospel to the island.

There is a unity service in Teignmouth at the United Reformed Church at 3pm on Sunday 19th January.

There are also daily prayer reflections in churches around the town:

Saturday 18th January at 12 noon – St Michael the Archangel led by Roderick Withnell
Monday 20th January at 12 noon – Riviera Function Room, Mars Hill Church led by Jane Ferns
Tuesday 21st January at 12 noon – Baptist Church led by Jamie Redfern
Wednesday 22nd January at 12 noon – United Reformed Church led by Charlie and Bev Stockley
Thursday 23rd January at 7:30pm – St James’ Church led by Marcus Thomas
Friday 24th January at 12 noon – Our Lady & St Patrick led by Deacon Anthony Carey
Saturday 25th January at 12 noon – Methodist Church led by Catherine Wagstaff