Information courtesy of Google Analytics

Information courtesy of Google Analytics

The website continues to make progress and we hope you are finding it useful, sometimes interesting, and hopefully (who knows?), perhaps occasionally inspiring!

As of 19 May, there have been:

  • 1,293 visits to the site by 615 individual visitors
  • 4,112 page views at roughly three pages per session.

47.5% of these sessions are from new visitors, but this percentage is falling as people return to the site.

Of course most of our visits are from parishioners and people in the local community, but surprisingly over 200 are from people in London! Furthermore and reflecting the globalised nature of the internet, the site has also had visitors from Slough(3) to Samara(9), from Staverton(7) to Shenzhen(1), and from Seoul(1) to San Francisco(1).

We do have further additions planned, but our main objective is to keep the content on the website current and relevant, and interesting and informative. We hope that you will keep returning to see what’s new. Watch this space!