Children from Our Lady & St Patrick’s RC Primary School in Teignmouth will tell radio listeners about what prayer means to them and describe how they pray, in a programme being aired on Sunday morning (1st May).

BBC Radio Devon’s Sunday Service, a weekly act of worship led by members of Devon’s faith communities, was this week recorded at the Teignmouth Catholic primary school.


Presenter Michael Chequer was joined by David Wells from the Diocese of Plymouth to record the show with pupils and staff from the school and local Parish Priest Father Mark Skelton.

As well as talking about what prayer is, why they pray and how they pray, the children sang hymns and heard a Gospel story read by one of the Year 5 pupils, Ava.

Our Lady and St Patrick’s Head Teacher Sarah Barreto and Father Mark also spoke about the role of prayer in school life and in their own lives.

Mrs Barreto told the listeners: “We would like our children to know God, not just know about him. We would like our children to hear God, not just hear about him. As educators of children in a church school, we don’t want to solely rely on learning about religion but wish instead to probe deeper and apply it in our everyday lives.”

“People in our community do not then just hear us talking about God,” she continued, “but see us, through our actions, living out our faith each and every day with all the people we meet.”

“I truly believe that if we can encourage good practice with children and particularly when children and adults worship together, it might improve the prayer life of the whole church community.”

“After listening to our children being interviewed today and explaining the power that God has had in their lives, I understand that what they can teach us all is both awesome and wonderful. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine what most young children pray for, and how prayer has affected their lives. But the innocence and transparency of these young people, and their love for others, will touch your heart. Jesus is the reason for all of their blessings, and they know it! They may teach adults a thing or two about the importance and power of prayer.”

After the recording, Year 5 student Ava said that taking part in the show “made us think more about God and Jesus.” She added: “I feel a lot closer to God and Jesus and very proud of myself for talking about how I feel about God.”

Joshua from Year 5 commented: “Everyone was cheerful and singing with a smile. The atmosphere was amazing.”

The programme will be aired on Sunday morning at 6:30 am and will be available on demand from the BBC iPlayer.