At our Parish AGM, which will be held at Our Lady & St Patrick’s church at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 12 July,  there will be elections to recruit three new members to the Parish Pastoral Council. Please now begin to give thought and prayer to considering whether either you, or perhaps someone you know, might like to step forward and become a member of the PPC.

PPC membership is very much considered to be an active role. Areas of concern that the PPC is engaged with reflect the six outcomes of the Parish Survey of 2015, but we are currently putting particular effort into encouraging the young, financial matters and buildings. Alongside this we are very keen to continue to ensure that the communities of all three of our churches are represented.

Current and ongoing members of the PPC are:

Sarah Barreto (ex officio, representing the parish school)
Carole Bryant
Anthony Carey (Deacon)
Linda Clarke (Secretary)
Simon Fletcher (Chair)
Brigid Kelly
Nici Newberry-Thornton
Raymond Twohig (ex officio, Chair of Finance Committee)
John Service
Fr Mark Skelton (Parish Priest)
Jillian Wilce