At this year’s ‘Gather’ conference in the diocese Bishop Mark presented his visionary document ‘It is the Lord’. Born out of personal reflection on his first year as Bishop of Plymouth and prayer for his flock, the document explores practical ways in which we can all respond to Pope Francis’ call to make our parishes missionary communities.

To support this growth in confidence within our parishes and families and to assist and encourage us in our outreach to the lapsed, the disenfranchised and those who have never encountered the Lord, we have created a small, but dedicated and energetic Parish Evangelisation Team.

Most of us were at this year’s conference and are searching for ways in which we can put into practice some of the themes of Bishop Mark’s document and support a growth in faith in ourselves and in those who are searching for more in life.

We meet regularly (times and dates can be found in the weekly newsletter by clicking here). We would be very happy to hear from you about ideas you may have to help us all come closer to the Lord and be enabled to listen more clearly to his call.

Most especially we would ask you to pray for us and the work we are undertaking. It is challenging and can only be done with the prayerful support of the parish and the inspiration and strength of the Holy Spirit.