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8000+ young (and young at heart) people, 2 Cardinals, numerous Bishops, Religious, Priests, Catholic Organisations PLUS Matt Redman and his band, Great speakers including the Diocese of Plymouth’s own David Wells AND inspiring and moving liturgy ALL culminating in Adoration! ‘It is the Lord’! The Church is ALIVE!

I personally am so grateful to have been able to attend. So many highlights but a few of my top ones are;

  • Cardinal Tagle from the Philippines – he was so inspiring, humble and joyful with his message of God’s mercy and that God chooses each one of us and says to us “you are mine”!
  • The beauty of mobile phone lights shining around the arena (when asked) – used to be lighters in my day!
  • The silent times and the tangibility of God in theses times amongst so many – especially during Adoration.
  • Baroness Sheila Hollins and her message about mental health in young people.
  • Praising God with wonderful Music Ministry!
  • Of course David Wells and his points for getting the most out of the day and the animation about Jesus’ life.
  • Bright orange Plymouth Diocese T-shirts!

We took in our hearts those who could not attend from All Saints Parish and were so grateful for the ‘likes’ and messages throughout the day from many of you – felt like we had brought the Parish and us all to the event. Look out for more events we can go to and times of fellowship in our own Parish!

A comment from one of the youngsters from All Saints Parish was “It was awesome!!!! :)” Sums it up!