DOCAT-Photo-040816We often feel powerless to respond to the challenges the world faces today. What is the right thing to do to even begin to tackle these problems? What should our leaders be doing? Perhaps most importantly, what should we be doing, both individually and as Christians?

The Catholic Church has been articulating it’s social doctrine in documents published since the time of Pope Leo XIII in the 19th Century. This powerful new book, aimed at young people, turns these ideas into a manual for individual action and was given to every attendee at World Youth Day 2016.

But it can also speak to each and every one of us…


After World Youth Day 2011 when YOUCAT was launched by Pope Benedict XVI, young people asked for a ‘practical manual for the faith’ and they suggested the name DOCAT (to DO + CATechism). The DOCAT contains the Social Teaching of the Church in a more accessible style.

Young people from all over the world were then asked to send in their photos; and young experts in different areas of social doctrine worked deeply within the project. The project reached the Pope and he provided a strong message in his introduction, in which he speaks about his personal dream. The Pope’s dream is for this to be the beginning of a worldwide youth campaign.

“When I invite you all now to really get to know the social doctrine of the Church, I am dreaming not just about groups that sit under trees and discuss it. That is good! Do that! But my dream is of something greater: I wish I had a million young Christians or, even better, a whole generation who are for their contemporaries‚ walking, talking social doctrine.” Francis, 6 November 2015

The book is now available to buy from the Catholic Truth Society (CTS), here


The DOCAT is also available as an app on both iOS and Android. The app has some extra features, there is a quiz built into it to challenge your knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching, and you can directly share the Q and A’s on popular social media sites. Having said that, like many church documents, there is something about having the book in your hand that gives a greater sense of immediacy and a ‘hidden feature’ which is not in the app! At the time of writing, however, the content of the book is a free ‘in-app purchase’, once you have installed the app itself.