Maundy Thursday saw 11 out of our 14 confirmation candidates volunteer (yes volunteer), to take part in an all night vigil to keep watch until dawn.

After watching a while in church following the Mass of Our Lord’s Supper, we journeyed over to Moonfleet, and the evening saw the group doing various activities.

We all made and decorated copper squares with enamel which will be montaged into a religious artefact that will be a gift to the parish.

The group then made masks of one-another from plaster of Paris. These allowed us to reflect upon the self we offer the world and the self that only God knows. Using psalm 139 we contemplated with awe the concept of God knitting us together and knowing us, even in the wombs of our mothers. Alongside this, a media piece offered at Flame 2017 allowed us to explore further how we understand God’s relationship with us and how we understand our relationship with His Church.


We then watched a film which helped us to reflect on how faith can have redemptive power in the world.

After this we prepared and shared a Seder meal traditionally consumed at Passover; the food sustained us into the night.

The night was punctuated by prayer both indoors and outside. At 3am we stepped outside and put together a makeshift cross with five candles. The prayer reflection guided us into meditating the wounds of Christ.

As the early glimmers of light started to become visible just before dawn, we made our way to the beach for sunrise. We recounted some of the narratives of Jesus on the shore, prayed again and then shared a mackerel breakfast barbecue as we imagined the Twelve might have done all those years ago.

We made our way to bed recognising that in our vulnerability we had grown and our companionship had deepened and our love of the Lord was more tangible.


Future dates:

26th April, 7.30pm, POP UP Cinema to support initiatives for young people @ Moonfleet. The film will be ‘Risen’, a fascinating movie looking at the days immediately following Christ’s resurrection. Please email if you’d like to come, so we can arrange refreshments. This event is free but we welcome any donations towards youth initiatives.

28th April, Friday, 6-8pm, is the next confirmation preparation evening at OLSP church.

14th May, is the date for celebration of confirmation by the bishop during 10.30am Sunday Mass at OLSP church.

Following confirmation we still have a heap of things that any young person can join is in.

10th June, Saturday, we shall gather at Mass at Dawlish for the vigil mass and then have pizza and a film to follow. If the weather allows we shall play rounders nineteen!
Please save this date.

23rd June, Friday, will see a bunch of young people gather in the evening to travel to Guildford to see the open air play of the Life of Christ at Wintershall on the following day. This is open to anyone over 14 so please get in touch if you would like to go. A small charge will be made for this trip but we are raising funds to assist with this.

We also have a boat trip in our plans for the summer, and more barbecues.

Please do pray for these young people as they continue to grow in faith and if you can support the fundraising initiatives-that would be great!