One of the six themes identified as a result of the Parish Survey earlier this year was the need for greater provision for our children and young people. To help us to begin to address this issue, we will be holding an ‘Open Forum’ to discuss matters relating to our youth on Sunday 13th December from 3.00 – 4.30pm in Our Lady and St Patrick’s Church, Teignmouth. During the forum, there will be the opportunity for all those present to put forward and discuss their ideas in small groups, before agreeing what steps we will take next.

The forum is open to all interested parties but is particularly aimed at children, teenagers and young adults (including those at university) as it is their ideas which will be most important in creating a plan for the youth of our parish. We would also be keen to hear from any adults who would be interested in working alongside our children and young people ASAP so that we can begin processing their safeguarding checks and start to discuss how best we can work together.

If anyone would like any further information about the forum or supporting our youth within the parish, please speak to Carole Bryant or Frances O’Neill after weekend masses or alternatively email or