Your CAFOD Team believe that together as a parish we could give a really meaningful gift through CAFOD this Christmas. If we can collect £750 we could buy a ‘Community Water Supply’. This would provide all the materials and know how to build wells, water tanks and reservoirs and install and lay pipes and pumps to provide clean, safe water for an entire community.

For an example of the kind of project this gift would fund, watch the inspiring video below:

There will be a Kilner jar at the back of our churches and if every person or family puts £1 in the jar for each week until 6th December – the maths speak for themselves.

Homemade Christmas gift tags are also available in church, and there is a soup lunch is being planned for the beginning of Advent.

Thank you for your continuing support for CAFOD, look out for the ‘Blue Peter’ style thermometer at Our Lady and St Patrick, to see how our fundraising is going!

For more details and information, click here.