22 of the younger members of our community aged between 9 and 13, gathered on Saturday 30 April to play bubble football at Alive Gym, followed by pizza making and activities at Moonfleet.
A happy band of parents assisted with the day and a fabulous time was had by all.

Those taking part were asked to reflect on some questions whilst they took part in various activities. Examples of these are as follows:

Table football.

How is our Church family like a football team? Are there any similarities? Difference?

VIP Jenga

Share the Jenga blocks between you. On some of the blocks, with a pencil, write the name of somebody really important to you. This is your VIP person. Maybe it is a parent or friend of teacher or other family member. Do leave one block free of a name. This block is for a person you really struggle to be friends with.

Assemble the blocks and play Jenga as usual but as you remove a block pray for the person named, and when the blank ones come though, pray too for that person you struggle with.

All these people are building blocks in our lives.

Our Father Street prayer

Everyone was asked to read a text called ‘Dad of the Decade’. They were then asked, ‘do you recognise the story?’ The book it comes from is great at retelling some of the stories we know and love from Scripture, however there is not a version of the ‘Our Father’ in it. The children were encouraged to use envelopes and coloured paper and place in the appropriate envelope their version of the prayer… Street style!

Here are a few comments from the day….

“Thank you so much for this. I have been quite stressed with SATs at the moment and this has been a good way to relax.”

Whilst playing table football “Church is like a team because there are people who perform in the lime light who are supported by others who do jobs for them; it’s a bit like physio’s supporting the players. Fr. Mark is the coach of course.”

On having to leave early, “Oh….do I have to go now?”. Enough said!

On leaving on time, “Oh…I forgot to write my sister’s name on the Jenga block. Will you write Mary’s name on there for me?”

And here is our ‘Street’ version of the Our Father…

Yo Holy Dad, head of the Fam,

Who hangs and chills in the sky,

Everyone loves and knows your name, dude.

May your kingdom and ways come to our turf,

Give us bread for each day (and the odd cheeky Nandos).

Forgive us when we are ‘awkward’ and we will ‘relax’ when others are bad,

Lead us in your ways, not in bad ways,

And save us from bad stuff, hippie llamas and evil raccoons.

You’re the leader, the boss, the big guy. For ev’s and ev’s

Peace out!

STOP PRESS ~ ringing endorsement from two participants!
“On the 29th April, the parish organised an afternoon out at TCS’S Alive sports centre. Around 22 children played bubble football! Bubble football means you are attached inside a bubble and you play football. Unfortunately it is unbalanced so you do roll around a lot, by that I mean fall over! There were three bubble football games to choose from; Bull Dog, Ball Down and Last One Standing. Everyone had fun and after, we went to Jillian’s house for pizza. After many times on the tarpaulin and after the prayer stations (which was heavenly) we went home.” By James and Callan, Class 6.

Source; OLSP School Friday Flyer 13 May