PARISH SURVEY – The results are out!

On Wednesday 1 July at 7.30pm, a meeting was held where parishioners heard the Parish Pastoral Council present the results of the recent Parish Survey. It was a lively meeting with many questions and ideas put forward by the 45 or so people who attended. You can view the statistics gathered and discover what the PPC is proposing to do in order to meet the challenges raised, by viewing the meeting presentation here. You can also view the longer responses to questions in the survey here

Survey Web Graphic 160715

Why we conducted a survey

When the re-ordering of Our Lady and St Patrick’s Church had been completed, a new sense of optimism was felt in the parish, bringing with it also a feeling that we could be doing more to support both our own community, and the aims of the New Evangelisation.




The survey process

The idea of a survey was proposed as a way of gauging how people felt about different aspects of parish life. Of 300 survey forms given out, 78 were returned in various stages of completion! The PPC felt that overall this should be seen as a good result in comparison to the rate of response one might expect with surveys and questionnaires in general.

Having gathered this information together, the PPC then put considerable time and effort into processing and analysing the results. The survey form contained both multiple-choice questions, and space for longer responses and these all needed to be quantified. From this analysis, six major areas of parish life have been identified as needing special support and care, and these were presented and discussed in detail at the event.


What next?

The survey highlighted six themes we need to address. These are:

  • How we welcome 
  • Caring for one another
  • How we worship 
  • Encouraging the young
  • How we grow in faith
  • Funding the mission. 

No particular one of these can be considered more significant than the others; they all need individual attention, and for this purpose the PPC has tasked specific subgroups to move them forward.

To view the statistical analysis and find out how we propose to address the ‘big six’, view the Meeting Presentation here,

and you can also view the Analysis of Longer Responses here.

The survey has been a valuable and important way for the PPC to understand the priorities and concerns of our community, but of course you can approach any of the members of the council at any time if you have a particular concern that you want to discuss.