At the beginning of September All Saints Parish will be launching Name Badge Weekend across all three churches in the Parish.

From 1st/2nd September onwards, when you arrive at our churches in Dawlish, Shaldon or Teignmouth on the first Saturday or Sunday of each month, you will be greeted by our welcoming teams who will offer you a name badge. You can, of course, opt out of this experience … but our hope is that the majority of parishioners at our Masses will decide to receive and complete a name badge then bring them back on the first Saturday or Sunday of each month for the rest of the next year.

We have decided to offer this experience because we think it’s important to know eachother’s names! In John 10:3, Jesus describes the Good Shepherd as one who“…calls his own sheep by name…” That’s not a random fact … names are important for identifying the story of how God is at work in your life. How can we minister to people if we don’t know their names? We think it’s critically important that we help our people with this first step of getting to know each other.

People want to be known. We know that there is a school of thought that says that people want to be totally anonymous when they arrive at church. The dangerous application of this belief is that we go out of our way to make it hard for people to connect. We want to give people space to control their experience with our church but we want to meet them when they are ready to connect. The first step to getting connected is by allowing a nice member of our team to help you make up a name badge.

It’s an Invitation to Talk. Implicated in the wearing of the name badge is an invitation to talk with other people. Our hope is that when people come to church that they connect with the community … the goal is to get people talking to each other! People love to hear their own name … it’s perhaps the sweetest word they hear all day. By offering name badges we are multiplying out lots of great conversations in church. What a positive emotion to associate with our parish!

Helpful for Our Team  Let’s be honest … you can remember maybe 200 people’s names when you see their faces but you can probably remember stuff about 1,500 people when given their face and name. (Think about Facebook … the fact that you see people’s names and faces boosts your recall about the details of other people’s lives big time!) The name tag helps our team remember a little bit more about our parishioners by just giving them a little bit of information about them.

It’s Not About You … Name badges by definition are about the other people around us not ourselves. It’s a declaration that I’m not the centre of this universe … that I acknowledge that everyone doesn’t know me … that I’m not that big of a deal. When we put on a name badge we are serving other people who might feel uncomfortable coming up to us.

We look forward to calling you by your name.


On Sunday 22 July Father Mark celebrated the 30th anniversary of his ordination as a priest. 

While Father Mark thought the plan was a modest affair involving tea and cake after Mass followed by a small family meal, the Parish had other ideas and a SURPRISE party had surreptitiously been organised.

Parishioners, family and friends from far and wide, including Father Mark’s former parishes, gathered at Bitton House for a barbeque, games and more cake. Many thanks to Sarah Barreto for organising the event, and also to her stalwart deputy, Raymond Twohig. Thank you to Carole for yet another truly amazing cake, and very many thanks also, to all those who volunteered and worked hard to make things happen on the day. Finally a big thank you to everyone who attended (particularly those who journeyed from afar), and made the day so special.

Thanks are also most definitely due to Anna Winston and Teignmouth Town Council, for being so kind and helpful in allowing us to use their lovely Bitton House and grounds.

Father Mark says: “Just to add my own very sincere thanks. I knew you  were all a wonderful bunch, but Sunday came out of the blue and I cannot really put into words how touched, thrilled and genuinely moved I was by your kindness. Thirty years is a milestone for the individual, but I had not expected anything beyond coffee and cake from the Parish family. So your generosity was absolutely astounding. God bless every single one of you.”





Next time you’re walking along the seafront, look out for some bright fish as part of the T.R.A.I.L Recycled Art in the Landscape installation.

They were created by children at OLSP School and Teignvironment artists Sam Lock and Amy McCarthy to highlight the problem of plastic waste in the sea and ways we can tackle this.








Children at the school wrote a pledge on how to help the environment on old CDs, which form the scales of each fish.


Despite clashing with the biggest international football match in nearly 30 years, the All Saints Parish AGM attracted a healthy number of parishioners for an update on where the Parish is going and a chance to question the PPC.

We were pleased to welcome Mary Stocker and Laura Puyall to the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC).

PPC Chair Simon Fletcher revealed the Parish Annual Report and Raymond Twohig presented the Parish accounts.

If you were unable to make it to OLSP church on Wednesday 11th July and you want to know more about what took place, you can read the minutes of the meeting here.


Congratulations to Ellie & Louis, who were enrolled into the Guild of St. Stephen last Saturday at St Agatha’s Church in Dawlish.

Wendy Carey received her medal after the Servers’ Mass at the Plymouth Cathedral on 23rd June 2018.

Four servers attended the Mass and Bishop Mark joined in the celebration at the Barbeque in the gardens after.


Congratulations Daisy, Mary, Joseph, Beatrix, Jacob, Millie and Rose who made their First Holy Communion over the weekend of 23rd and 24th June.

It was fantastic that all three churches in our Parish were part of the celebration.

Many thanks to all who supported the children: the catechists, their family and friends, their prayer partners and all who prayed for them on their journey to receive the body and blood of Christ.


A new look at Evangelisation for our Parish.

Jesus sent the early Church to proclaim and share the good news with all peoples. We are an essentially missionary Church. This means our very essence is mission through discipleship. However if we take an honest look at our parish life today, it seems we may have lost our way. So much of the blame is being placed on various crises, but the real issue may be an identity crisis.

In this book, Divine Renovation, author Father James Mallon confronts the luke-warmness that exists in many parishes and further, calls out the clericalism that we have become all too comfortable with in our parish life.

Divine Renovation may make you feel a bit uncomfortable but the many practical points and applications that Fr. Mallon provides will help you in the challenging work of conversion and rebuilding.

We are the Church and the Church needs to be busy doing the mission work that Jesus sent us to do!

Are you interested in helping us talk about and think about these issues?

We meet on Wednesdays from 7:15pm to around 8:00pm. Ten people enjoyed a lively and interesting discussion in our first session. AND it’s not too late to join the group!

Session 1 Wednesday 27th June 7.15 – 8.15pm

Session 2  Wednesday 4th July 7.15 – 8.15pm

Session 3  Wednesday 18th July 7.15 – 8.15pm

Session 4  Wednesday 25th July 7.15 – 8.15pm

Session 5  Wednesday 8th Aug 7.15 – 8.15pm

Session 6  Wednesday 15th Aug 7.15 – 8.15pm

To find out what we’ll be talking about each week, CLICK HERE to see the discussion schedule.

This book offers questions that are both a work of study, personal reflection, and helpful for group discussion. We really hope you enjoy taking a deeper look at parish life and prayerfully reflecting on how we can all work together to bring our parish from maintenance to mission!

A copy of the book is available in the Narthex Library area of Our Lady and St Patrick Church, which you are welcome to read. Please do not take the book away, so that it can be there for others. If you wish to purchase your own copy, it is available in paperback on Amazon, currently priced at £14.94.

Some Suggestions for our book discussion group time:

  • Begin each session with a brief time for reflection and then open with a prayer. Pray for an open heart for honest observations of our parish life. Then pray for our parish, priests, leaders, parishioners and new members who have yet to join our parish community. Give praise and thanksgiving for being fed spiritually with the nourishment of the Eucharist and supported by the sacraments of the Church. 
  • Each week, give the group members a chance to share experiences from their actual time in prayer and their personal reflection on the life of the parish. What inspirations or insights have they been given? 
  • At the end of each session allow for 5 minutes of silence and invite every member of the group to reflect on one thing they are going to take away from the session. Some examples: a commitment they are making; a truth they want to remember; or an action they want to take. 


Help celebrate with out First Holy Communion children and their families by baking a loaf of bread to share after 10:30am Mass at OLSP on Sunday 24th June.

Simply place your bread offering before the altar in plenty of time before the beginning of Mass.

If you’re not much of a baker, you are welcome to buy a loaf of bread to bring.

Please remember the First Communion children, their families and catechists in your prayers.


We are still journeying through Lent, but Easter is fast approaching. Here are Mass and Service times for Easter, including the Triduum and Easter Day:

Palm Sunday, 25 March

Mass, St Ignatius, Shaldon – 9.00am

Mass, Our Lady & St Patrick’s Church, Teignmouth – 10.30am

Wednesday, 27 March

Chrism Mass – 12 Noon, Cathedral, Plymouth

Maundy Thursday, 29 March

Mass of the Lord’s Supper – 7.30pm, Our Lady & St Patrick’s Church, Teignmouth

Good Friday, 30 March

Celebration of the Lord’s Passion – 3.00pm, Our Lady & St Patrick’s Church, Teignmouth

Saturday, 31 March

Easter Vigil – 8.30pm, Our Lady & St Patrick’s Church, Teignmouth

Easter Sunday, 1 April (please note changes to regular times)

Easter Sunday Masses:

Mass, St Agatha’s, Dawlish – 8.00am

Mass, St Ignatius, Shaldon – 9.30am

Mass, Our Lady & St Patrick’s Church, Teignmouth – 11.00am


On Tuesday 20 February, our Youth Group met up for an evening of fun, friendship, faith and fellowship in the Parish Office. They bonded over pizzas and board games while the adults Marcia and Sarah chatted to them, prepared the food and put the world to rights over a cuppa. Eight of our lovely young people had a fabulous time and have agreed to make it a monthly event.

The evenings started up in January at a fun filled evening hosted by Fr Mark and have since picked up new members. If you are age 11-18 then please consider joining us. The next meeting will take place on Friday 16th March from 7.30 – 9.30pm in the Parish Office. All welcome.

If you would like to help out, have a current DBS check (or wouldn’t mind obtaining one via the diocese) and would like to spend some time talking to or getting to know the group better, then please contact Sarah Barreto or Fr Mark to put your name forward. We need two adults to be around and supervise each time but it would be great to vary who they are and give more adults from our Parish the chance to hear our amazing young people and what they have to tell us. We would love to hear from you.

Sarah Barreto