“Put out into deep water and pay our your nets for a catch.”


Join Father Mark, members of the PPC and other parishioners on the Divine Renovation journey for a practical day looking at the future of our Parish with time for prayer, worship and reflection.

Our Parish Vision Day takes place at Our Lady & St Patrick Church in Teignmouth and starts with Mass at 10am followed by lively and interactive workshops and finishing with lunch at 2pm.

At our Vision Day we will be looking for ways to help us be better disciples and to be better able to share God’s love. The towns and villages of this Parish each have a different character, as have the churches that serve them. God has made us different. So at the Vision Day, the people of our Parish will be helped to find ways of discipleship and mission that work for them. We will work together to support one another as we develop a better idea of what needs to be done for our Parish and churches to flourish.

God loves the people in our towns and villages, so we are turning to him to discover his plans that will ensure his church has a future here.

Everyone who comes to or who has ever come to any of our churches is warmly invited to be involved.

The day is free of charge. Lunch will be provided.

You may find it useful to read ‘Divine Renovation: Bringing your Parish from Maintenance to Mission‘ by Father James Mallon before the Vision Day.


We will be running a Lent course based on the hit film, The Greatest Showman, along with other churches in the area.

Five sessions will run on either a Thursday or Friday in both the afternoon and the evening.

There will also be an opportunity to watch The Greatest Showman as a group at OLSP Primary School at 7pm on Monday 25th February so that the excerpts in the course make more sense. This would also be a lovely way to begin this period of reflection together.

Please contact the Parish Office to register your interest in the course and to let us know if you will be coming to the film night.

You will also find it helpful to read the course book: From Now On by Rachel Mann. You can order the book via the Parish Office.


For the past several decades, each year on Gaudete Sunday, the Third Sunday of Advent, children (and adults) bring their Baby Jesus figures from the crib at their homes to St. Peter’s Square. Here, the Pope blesses both the people and the figurines during the Angelus.

This year we will celebrate “Bambinelli Sunday” at our 10.30am Mass on Sunday, December 16th.

All are invited to bring the Baby Jesus figure from their cribs at home to Mass that morning to be blessed.

Families can even make their own “bambinelli” if they want. We are holding a Crib Workshop at 9:30am on Saturday 15th December where you can make a manger and your own Baby Jesus.

When your Baby Jesus has been blessed w will give you a strip of cloth to take home and wrap him in.

It is suggested that, following the blessing, you take your “bambinelli home and place it in a gift box, wrap it and saves it for Christmas.

Let this be the first gift your family opens on Christmas. Then you can place your Baby Jesus in the crib and have a home blessing of the Nativity for your whole family.


Here are the Christmas Mass Times for All Saints Parish 2018.

We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you into our churches.

Christmas Mass Times Devon Catholic


























Our Parish Churches are:

Our Lady & St Patrick
Glendaragh Road,

St Agatha
Exeter Road

St Ignatius
Fore Street


There is an old Mexican tradition called ‘Posada’.

A young man and a young woman from the Parish are selected to dress up as Mary and Joseph and then spend the days of Advent travelling from house to house asking for a room for the night and telling their hosts about the imminent arrival of Jesus at Christmas.

Modern day ‘Posada’ uses a statue of Mary and Joseph and the donkey instead of a young couple to travel from home to home.

This Advent, parishioners from all three churches in the All Saints Parish will have the opportunity to sign up to host our Posada statue for one evening in the days leading up to Christmas.

As the statue makes its way around the Parish, with one host family taking it to the next, there is the chance to pray together, perhaps share a cup of tea and a cake or even a simple meal, and thing about what we’re looking forward to at Christmas.

So look out for the Posada rota and sign up to be a host. You’ll be given a pack with suggested prayers and scripture readings for the ‘hand-over’.

It is up to you how you offer hospitality and then you just give the statue pride of place in your home for a night.

To be real evangelists, why not invite round some neighbours or those non-church-going members of your family?


Carole and Jon Bryant represented All Saints Parish at the Adoremus Eucharist Congress in Liverpool last weekend.

Carole says: “Jon and I feel very blessed at having the opportunity to attend Adoremus Eucharist Congress Liverpool 2018. We had a wonderful time and met with many different people from Diocese all around the country. Also the lovely people of Liverpool who made us feel very welcome.

Most of the keynote speeches can be found on the website or follow the link on YouTube for Bishop Robert Barron.

The concluding Mass on Sunday saw the cathedral full to capacity and 10,000 and more joined the half-hour Eucharistic procession afterwards in spite of torrential rain.

The procession marked the end of the first National Eucharistic Congress in England for more than a century – and the only one in which the Blessed Sacrament has been carried publicly in procession. On this occasion, the leaders of the Church of England and other non-Catholic Christian denominations joined the Catholic bishops for the event.

For more information, I would be very happy to talk about the Congress.”



On Thursday 6 September five of our music group turned out for a double recording of BBC Songs of Praise at St David’s Church Exeter, led by the well-known composer Graham Kendrick (‘Shine Jesus Shine’, ‘Meekness and Majesty’ and many more).

Songs of Praise Exeter

We ended up in the second row so we got a great view, but that could mean that the cameras will have had rather too good a view of us, even if we won’t be heard!

Look out for the first broadcast on Sunday 23 September, and another before Christmas when we will be seen carrying candles – and singing!



Parishioner, Julia Crimmins is taking part in the Banger Rally Challenge, together with two friends and a Nissan Micra called ‘Maud’, to raise awareness and money for the Refugee Council.#

The Refugee Council works to help vulnerable refugees to rebuild shattered lives. It offers advice on housing, employment, education as well as therapy.  It also safeguards and improves the lives of separated children seeking asylum in the UK.

Julia and her friends will spend five days travelling from St Austell to Morocco via the Plymouth—Santander sea crossing, Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar. And then they have to make their own way back home again!


In Gibraltar and Morocco Julia will witness the desperate plight of refugees and feel privileged to have the freedom to travel – but also return home. Julia and the team would be very grateful for any donations you can make to help speed the crew on their way.

Visit their JustGiving page




At the beginning of September All Saints Parish will be launching Name Badge Weekend across all three churches in the Parish.

From 1st/2nd September onwards, when you arrive at our churches in Dawlish, Shaldon or Teignmouth on the first Saturday or Sunday of each month, you will be greeted by our welcoming teams who will offer you a name badge. You can, of course, opt out of this experience … but our hope is that the majority of parishioners at our Masses will decide to receive and complete a name badge then bring them back on the first Saturday or Sunday of each month for the rest of the next year.

We have decided to offer this experience because we think it’s important to know eachother’s names! In John 10:3, Jesus describes the Good Shepherd as one who“…calls his own sheep by name…” That’s not a random fact … names are important for identifying the story of how God is at work in your life. How can we minister to people if we don’t know their names? We think it’s critically important that we help our people with this first step of getting to know each other.

People want to be known. We know that there is a school of thought that says that people want to be totally anonymous when they arrive at church. The dangerous application of this belief is that we go out of our way to make it hard for people to connect. We want to give people space to control their experience with our church but we want to meet them when they are ready to connect. The first step to getting connected is by allowing a nice member of our team to help you make up a name badge.

It’s an Invitation to Talk. Implicated in the wearing of the name badge is an invitation to talk with other people. Our hope is that when people come to church that they connect with the community … the goal is to get people talking to each other! People love to hear their own name … it’s perhaps the sweetest word they hear all day. By offering name badges we are multiplying out lots of great conversations in church. What a positive emotion to associate with our parish!

Helpful for Our Team  Let’s be honest … you can remember maybe 200 people’s names when you see their faces but you can probably remember stuff about 1,500 people when given their face and name. (Think about Facebook … the fact that you see people’s names and faces boosts your recall about the details of other people’s lives big time!) The name tag helps our team remember a little bit more about our parishioners by just giving them a little bit of information about them.

It’s Not About You … Name badges by definition are about the other people around us not ourselves. It’s a declaration that I’m not the centre of this universe … that I acknowledge that everyone doesn’t know me … that I’m not that big of a deal. When we put on a name badge we are serving other people who might feel uncomfortable coming up to us.

We look forward to calling you by your name.


On Sunday 22 July Father Mark celebrated the 30th anniversary of his ordination as a priest. 

While Father Mark thought the plan was a modest affair involving tea and cake after Mass followed by a small family meal, the Parish had other ideas and a SURPRISE party had surreptitiously been organised.

Parishioners, family and friends from far and wide, including Father Mark’s former parishes, gathered at Bitton House for a barbeque, games and more cake. Many thanks to Sarah Barreto for organising the event, and also to her stalwart deputy, Raymond Twohig. Thank you to Carole for yet another truly amazing cake, and very many thanks also, to all those who volunteered and worked hard to make things happen on the day. Finally a big thank you to everyone who attended (particularly those who journeyed from afar), and made the day so special.

Thanks are also most definitely due to Anna Winston and Teignmouth Town Council, for being so kind and helpful in allowing us to use their lovely Bitton House and grounds.

Father Mark says: “Just to add my own very sincere thanks. I knew you  were all a wonderful bunch, but Sunday came out of the blue and I cannot really put into words how touched, thrilled and genuinely moved I was by your kindness. Thirty years is a milestone for the individual, but I had not expected anything beyond coffee and cake from the Parish family. So your generosity was absolutely astounding. God bless every single one of you.”